Uncanny encounter : Gog & Magog

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Pure evil really does exist in this World.
Are those the Source of the Evilness or merely its Manifestation ?

As Father as Son

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As Father as Son |  Naruto x One Piece x Bleach | Pendorium

Genetic predisposition is not Destiny written in stone.

The Scientists

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The Scientists |  Naruto x One Piece x Bleach | Pendorium

To reach the Ultimate Knowledge, one must walk close to the Darkness

The Conquerors

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The Conquerors |  Berserk x One Piece | Pendorium


The Mind Gamers

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The Mind Gamers | Naruto x Bleach | Pendorium

People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That's how they define 'Reality'.
But what does it mean to be 'correct' or 'true' ? Merely vague concepts.. Their 'reality' may all be a mirage.
Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs ?

The Law of Attraction

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Law of Attraction | Pendorium

Speak your Dreams into Existence

One Piece : Les grands Corsaires (Shichibukai)

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Soul Searching

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Seek and you shall Find | Pendorium

Seek and You shall Find

When Universes collide

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When Universes collide| Versus | Pendorium

We are but pawns on the Gods' chessboard

Across the vastness of Galaxia, many Celestial Entities use their power to create new Dimensions, even their own custom Universes.

In their respective Universes, those beings are bound neither by the rules of Time nor by the fabric of Space. As the ones who hold the tangled strings of Destiny, they are perceived as Almighty Gods.

In order to prove the supremacy of their creations or just for entertainment, sometimes they clash with each other using their Champions as proxies. The Project CrossOver will present some of those epic fights.

Life is an everlasting struggle

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Battle | Versus | Pendorium

Here comes a new challenger

À travers le temps, les êtres vivants ont cultivé le désir impérieux de s'affronter en combats singuliers ou durant des guerres opposants plusieurs groupes.

Les objectifs divers, vont du besoin de mesurer sa force ou comparer son style au souhait d'exercer sa domination ou l'envie d'extermination.

Les projets de nom de code 'Versus' présenteront quelques-uns de ces combats dantesques.